Wednesday, January 17, 2018

School Tours

We're touring schools

and working to get students excited about afterschool opportunities! At the Rising Voices, we offer programs for all ages, and we know that teachers like you form the base that our members build on for the rest of their lives.

We are looking to engage in the classroom with our tried and tested interactive presentations. We would love to visit your school and meet your students face to face

Contact us today to schedule your school's presentation!

Furthering Choral Education

The Rising Voices has been in operation since 2015.

We offer affordable, accessible music education to all students.
We utilize music as a tool to further our member's civic and historical knowledge alongside fostering music and vocal skills.

Bring the Rising Voices into your Classroom

We offer multiple presentations, depending on the age range of your students and whether we have been to your school before.

Your class will learn a piece from our repertoire, and will engage in discussion about this piece and it's significance in history and culture. We will leave you with sheets for you and your students, if you wish to incorporate this piece into your lessons. 

Contact us today to schedule your school's presentation!