About us

Our mission

The Rising Voices Company works with students across the city of Pittsburgh, providing quality music and civics education which is accessible and affordable. We promote tolerance and community involvement and create opportunities for students to perform and excel in the vocal arts. We believe in the power of art as a vehicle to amplify a child’s voice, and to empower the voices of adults across the city.

Our vision

The Rising Voices Company envisions a Pittsburgh where every person has access to programs which educate their artistic potential while engaging with their civic responsibility. We aim to involve all members of our communities, including schools, families, faith-based organizations, and after school programs.

Position Statement: Performance as Education

We believe in the power of performance as an educational tool. Our teaching model utilizes performance, and students enrolled in the Youth Choir especially are expected to engage with performance opportunities in a professional manner. You can find our full position statement regarding performance as education here.

Position Statement: Appropriate Education

We believe that all questions asked in a mature way are deserving of a developmentally appropriate response. Thus, our staff are trained to engage in difficult conversations with children, adolescents, and adults as they arise. Staff are instructed not to project their personal opinions on sensitive issues. Enrolled members of the Rising Voices will be provided with a factual information based upon their age and maturity.